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Heart Resonance Therapy


A Heart Resonance Treatment...

HRT is an energy vibration that carries a “Divine Love” quality. It is this pure and nurturing frequency that forms the basis of the healing ability of a HRT practitioner.

Judy has the ability to draw in and resonate a powerful flow of HRT energy. When this happens, everything within Judys energy field (including the client) starts to be pulled into a vibrational match to this divine energy. All energies of a disharmonious nature are transformed into harmony, and as a result, healing occurs.

Judy has the ability to work internally with client’s organs, muscles, bones and DNA to transform stagnation and blockages. This instigates a more powerful and deeper healing response. There is also the ability to access a higher aspect of the client to gain insight into the cause of illness and disharmony. This information helps to guide the treatment.

There is the ability to clear all residue energies that do not serve the client. There are many energies that we as humans can be connected to such as genetic, perceived past lives, old concepts, ingrained beliefe systems and lives and energies in alternate dimensional realities that work against the client’s current purpose and direction. Judy can move onto many levels and realities, internal, external or inter-dimensional, to clear residues. This clearing of residues, allows the client to function unhindered in their life with more ease and joy, peace, love and contentment.

Session time and feedback...

Allow 1 1/2 Hours for a Heart Resonance treatment and feedback that Judy offers each individule after your session. Feedback often allows each client some awareness, insight and clarity of what is happening for them at a deep level of consciousness with the body and energy fields. This can be helpful in supporting you to move forward with a higher level of awareness.

How does it work?

A HRT practitioner is able to resonate a powerful “Divine Love Centred” energy field and in so doing, transform dis-ease through the process of entrainment. The HRT practitioner can travel on to any level of a person’s existence you instigate powerful and positive shifts, clearing emotional stagnation and residues that burden the body.

From a spiritual level, HRT awakens new energy pathways within the body allowing the body utilise a higher light frequency. HRT greatly expands consciousness and intuitive abilities, and aligns you to the energetic changes we are currently undergoing.


What can you expect to experience from a treatment?

A deep sense of relaxation, calmness and peace is often experienced from a HRT treatment. Many physical, mental/emotional and spiritual symptoms can literally transform to a state of health in one session. Throughout the days after the treatment, the client can experience a shift in their awareness and perceptions of life. With this comes detachment from their day to day issues. Everything just seems to be alright. As the clients energies are transformed, their life is filled with Love, compassion and much greater peace and contentment. Change and healing on any or all levels is possible with Heart Resonance Therapy.

The Divine Love energy will align you to higher level of consciousness and love at this time of ascension, supporting you to move with grace along your spiritual path.

What about the Spiritual aspect of Heart Resonance Therapy?

HRT energy aligns the client to the energetic shift mankind is currently undergoing. HRT awakens the “Divine within”

Judy is a Teacher of HRT and Paul is a level 3 HRT practitioner.

Treatments $95.00 per session




Heart Resonance Therapy
















What can you expect to experience from a treatment


Reiki is an ancient healing and self development treatment. The Usui method of Reiki healing is a natural flow of energy channeled through your body. It is a natural way to balance the body’s energy, therefore increasing its ability to heal itself on all levels.

Reiki is a safe and gentle way of healing, yet its results are powerful. Some of the many benefits of Reiki treatments are:

Feel lighter, happier, and more peaceful.
Reduce stress in your life, depression, fear, anxiety, insomnia.
Raise self esteem, overall balanced health.
Helps with easing the pain of chronic illness.
Is known to be effective with health problems, such as sports injuries, migraines, burns, allergies, arthritis, skin disorders and cancer.

In fact because of the way Reiki works by gently balancing and harmonizing the body’s own energy system, Reiki would be beneficial for any ailment that occurs in our physical bodies, regardless of whether the causal level is on a Mental, Emotional, Spiritual or Physical plane.

1 hour treatment, (3 treatments recommended within the first 3 weeks if you have never had a Reiki treatment before) Treatments offered by Judy and Paul.

Allow 1 1/4 hours as we love to pamper you with a soothing foot massage at the end of your Reiki session.

Treatments $85.00 each


Please click onto our Workshop page for information regarding Reiki courses at our centre

Check out our Ultimate Healing Experiance at the bottom of the page.





Therapy Sessions....

Judy has many years of experance and is a gifted and efective therapist. Therapy sessions allow each individule to open, grow and release at a very deep level. Through Judy's many years of experiance she is able to connect and councel each person with a deep sence of compassion and offers effective spirital guidence for people in all situations.

Judy beleives for many people on the path of spiritual growth that as we grow through this process we need to be supported in a way that allows us to continue the awakening of our consciousness.

As we are travelling on this spiritual path it is important to remember that we are still having a human experiance and there are many times that we are in need of support throughout this journey.

Therapy sessions with Judy will offer you that support and understanding, guiding you to release the old patterns and open and awaken to what is within, in a safe, nurturing manner and enviorment.

Therapy session rates.....

One hour $85 per session

One 1/2 hours $100 per session



Therapy Sessions

Crystal Sound Immursion Baths..... Sound Healing

A crystal sound bath will take you into place of pure bliss, surounded in a bath of pure sound, wrapped gently within a cacoon of Crystal bowls, the ultimate experiance.

Treatments approx 1 1/2 hour

Let your body heal through the power of sound.

This is a unique & divine experiance of being cocooned within the magic of crystal sound vibration as Judy plays the bowls directly into the body.

~ judy intuitively designs this sound bath around what the body calls for, promoting the body to move into a state of balance, and health.

~ Your body shifts into a state of relaxation, slowing the brain waves, shifting energy blockages, balancing chakras and realigning both your physical and light bodies with universal Resonance.

~ A deep sence of peace pervades within the soul after this blissful sound bath experiance.

Treatments $95.00



About Judy and her Crytal Bowls....

Judy is a gifted physic Healer. Judy started her journey with Crystal Bowls in 2006 when her first Crystal bowl found its way into her life. Since then they have become a passion for her, Judy studied Crystal sound therapy wit Susie Nelson Smith at the Australian Crystal Sound Therapy Institute and has co-facilitated crystal therapy courses worldwide. Judy has a gift of being able to deeply connect at a heart level, as she moves into presence with the Crystal bowls allowing the bowls to intuitively direct her, the crystal clear tones are perfect for whoever they are played for.

~ Judy has an amazing ever growing collection of beautiful Crystal Bowls.


 About Quartz Crystal Bowls........

Pure quartz crystal singing bowls, serve as magnificent healing tools. Quartz crystal bowls and bowl sets are ideal for cleansing and clearing the chakras and the aura of the body, as they are able to effectively stimulate the auric field by showering the body with vibrational energy.

How the Bowls Work On the Human Body

One reason the pure tones vibrate our body is that it has a natural affinity to quartz. The human body is composed of many crystallite substances, the bones; blood and DNA are crystalline in structure as well as the liquid crystal-colloidal structure of the brain. Even on a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electromagnetic energies, and this is the same formula as natural quartz crystal.

When you're working with crystals and sound, such as with the bowls, there is a resonation - a harmonization - an integration process that goes on between the external and internal vibration.

The physical properties of the crystal bowls create different tones which resonate with our subtle bodies and frequency signatures. The tones awaken cellular memories and heal on different levels.

Quartz crystal music holds the vibration of white light which ultimately refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on our chakras when played. It has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness and as our awareness expands, we grow close to our original selves and start to reflect the highest radiance in our physical form.

It is amazing but true: your life can be healed with the simple use of sound. Research has demonstrated that music is able to alter the rhythm of the brainwaves, as well as heartbeat and respiration. Because the ear is the organ of balance as well as hearing and is connected by nerve pathways to every part of the physical body, sound has a powerful balancing effect on both our nervous and immune systems. It has been found that water molecules are energized and respond positively in the presence of beautiful music and harmonic sounds, so too, the water that makes up between 70-80% of our body. An externally created sound projected into a dis-eased part of the body may be able to reintroduce the correct harmonic frequency and return the body to its healthy, harmonious vibration. Sound healing is a powerful healing tool for the body. Sound healing has a positive physical, emotional and energetic impact on the listener and is a simple, gentle and yet very effective way to relax, balance and de-stress. Sound healing can dissolve many unresolved negative emotions and issues in your life.

Judy & Judy Bowl treatment


Check out our Sacred Heart Crystal Bowl Candlelight Meditation Evenings

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Judy Meditation




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Crystal Bowl Therapy Healing Sessions

The Ultimate Therapy Experiance

This is a truly profound experiance allowing you to release, unblock, open and balance on a very deep level, spirital mental and emotional.

It is a combination of a counselling session, spiritual guidence and a Crystal Bowl Bath.

Allowing each individual release at a core level.

Judy & Gale Crystal Bowl Therapy Healing


Sessions are $180.00, allow 2 1/2 to 3 hours per session

Book 3 Life Changing Sessions for only $450.00


Indian Head Massage

Pure Organic Essential Oil Scalp, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Totally unwind with this soothing massage, incorperating hands, arms, back, neck and head this is the ultimate head massage. A pure organic coconut oil mixed with the most divine organic essential oils are used to give you the ultimate massage experiance. This treatment is a sensery delight, restoring balance, releasing stress, soothing and relaxing.

1 1/4 hours



Treatments $95 each



Crystal Bowl Therapy Healing Sessions














Third eye lady






Head Massage

Meditation Mornings

Guided Meditations by Judy

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful way to relax, release stress, tension and fatigue.
Meditation will help to gently expand and enhance your body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

Scientific Research on Meditation

Improved mental abilities, improved health, reduced stress and anxiety, reduced incidence of disease, reduced use of alcohol & drugs, improved cardiovascular health, reduced physical complaints, improved self-confidence, reduced anxiety, improved relationships, and increased tolerance these are just a few of the many benefits of Meditation.

Relaxation promotes health and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

Come enjoy guided meditation’s, within the soothing surroundings of the Church.

Cost $5.00 Proceeds from Meditation mornings are donated to help underprivileged children in Tibet and Nepal.

Meditation mornings are held every Thursday at 9.15 am.


Sacred Heart Crystal Bowl Candlelight Meditation Evenings

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crystal bowls church1

Gently float within the beautiful healing sounds of the crystal bowls, combined with the magic of bringing joy and peace within your heart space through this beautifully guided sound meditation evening.

When in the presence of the sounds of the crystal bowls it allows your body to feel the overtones and the sound to integrate through the entire cellular structure. In this state we have the deepest experience of connecting with all there is, promoting the body into moving into a state of balance, and health.

Sacred Heart Crystal Bowl Candlelight Meditation Evenings

Next Evening, please email us at LoveLightCrystalTemple@gmail.com for up to date Newsletters from our Centre.











Third Eye Healing Pamper Packages available

Ultimate Healing Experiance

This is a combined treatment that Judy & Paul offer together, a one hour Reiki Treatment and Heart Resonance treatment combined.

Relax and lay back to receive a Reiki treatment by Paul while at the same time receiveing a Heart Resonance Treatment by Judy, this is a truly amazingly powerful healing session.

Allow 1 1/2 Hours - as the treatments are done at the same time $150.00

Pure Bliss - This Treatment brings you into a state of amazing balance
Indian Head Massage, back, neck, shoulder,arms and head using pure organic coconut oil mixed with the purest essentail oils on the planet.
Followed by energy healing treatment of your choise.
Allow 2 1/2 hours $ 150.00

Gift Vouchers Available



Pamper Package

Free Reiki Evenings

Come and enjoy a free healing night of Reiki, all welcome.

Friday's, 7.30 pm.

Please contact centre for dates or check Whats on page for dates




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